Chevrolet Volt 2016 Edition Offers 420 Miles Non-Stop with Hybrid Fuel

A couple of years ago, car manufacturers realized that it is impossible to convince a buyer to go for an electric car because it’s tough to find a charging station if the battery dies on the way.

They soon switched to hybrid cars that run on both electricity and gasoline. While companies like Tesla offer vehicles that touch great top speeds, offer best battery backup and comfort, the pricing is too much for an average Joe. No one will be able to shell out $80,000 or more on a car, which is why the other car manufacturers came with a much better alternative.

Chevrolet Volt 2016

The Chevrolet Volt 2016 edition is one such alternative, which is an improvised version of the company’s earlier models. On a full charge, the battery is capable of delivering up to 53 miles, which is a significant improvement over the 38 miles offered by the earlier Volt. As soon as the electric power drains out, the vehicle will automatically switch to gas power. A full tank will offer 367 miles, which, when combined, provides the buyers a non-stop journey that could last up to 420 miles.

Designed to satisfy daily commuters, the new four-person Volt delivers a decent 42 miles per gallon, which the company believes will attract many owners to go for the hybrid, without second thoughts. In their statement, Chevrolet added that drivers will be able to cover massive distances that could last a couple of days, if they charge their vehicles at regular intervals.

The maximum retail price of the car is expected to be at $33,170 which can be even lower, based on the state and federal taxes. The previous edition of the Volt didn’t sell much, but Chevrolet believes that with an increased travel range and decreased price, the new 2016 edition is sure to be a hit among the buyers.

Chevrolet Volt 2016

While it is still not the right time to launch a fully electric plug-in car, General Motors, the parent company of Chevrolet, is planning on launching one in two years. Most car manufacturers are looking forward to introducing the buyers to a hybrid vehicle so that they can convince them to switch to electric cars in the near future.

Named as Bolt, the fully electric car will be priced extremely low at just $30,000 and will offer a massive mileage of up to 200 miles before it needs to be plugged in. It’s a massive claim to make, but by 2017, the manufacturer may have acquired the necessary tech to make it possible.

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