Chevrolet’s Bolt 2017 Promises 200 Miles on a Single Charge

Inspired by the mighty Tesla, the exclusive electric car maker, major automobile manufacturers have adopted the concept of making EVs for the mass market.

Chevrolet’s Bolt 2017 addition has set a new milestone by breaking the mileage barrier.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

Launched at the Consumer Electronics Expo 2016, Chevrolet proudly showcased their new Bolt. The car is claimed to be the best choice for driving within the city. It is highly affordable with a price tag that wouldn’t intimidate people like the Model S from Tesla does and promises to run for a massive 200 miles on a single charge.

The pricing of the car is expected to be at $30,000 and it will feature five doors with plenty of space for all the passengers. The design is quite subtle which has been favoured by many, while some claim that it is not as stylish as they expected it to be. It is a mix of designs borrowed from the popular BMW i3 and the Toyota Prius.

The interiors are exceptionally well done with a powerful infotainment system. It is equipped with a large HD touchscreen that makes it easier to navigate through media content like never before. The rear view mirror is not glass, but rather a screen powered by augmented reality and cameras equipped on the rear end of the car.

Despite the amazing mile range, Chevrolet Bolt 2017 makers have not revealed the type of battery they have used in the car to make it more fuel efficient. In their press statement, Chevrolet confirmed that they have achieved four different milestones at the same time by launching a car that will soon be favoured by a majority of the population.


“We have finally created an electric vehicle with an affordable price tag, can comfortably seat four adults at the same time, has great range and is connected with all the latest features in town”, said the company’s North American boss during the CES 2016 launch event.

The production of the vehicle will be done in the United States and it will probably be the first continent to receive the car as well. Tesla was the first in the electric car scene and the company has also launched a Model X SUV. They had to delay the car’s delivery due to production issues, but with the new Bolt, the company has finally found a worthy competitor who could change the face of the game.

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