Chrysler 300 Is Planning to Adopt Pacifica Architecture With Next Gen Version

Based on the recent earning reports that suggested that the current generation Chrysler didn’t do well, the automobile manufacturer has decided to make some drastic changes including the switch to the Pacifica architecture.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is set to make some big changes to the brand and their future vehicles. The next generation of the Chrysler 300 is about to be designed and built on the Pacifica minivan architecture. The information was confirmed by the company’s head Sergio Marchionne. He spoke to the Reuters sharing the news and added that the new architecture will further expand its reach in their primary market. Besides, the changes are expected to help boost sales.

2017 Chrysler 300S with Sport Appearance package front

The new Windsor plant is complete and the CEO confirmed that the production house is capable of building both front as well as all-wheel drive models. The next generation of Chrysler 300 models is about to be constructed. Even though, there are assumptions that these models will be made, the company said that the FCA has no confirmation on building such sedan version yet. It is still under consideration and if the team confirms the possibility of an all-wheel drive or front wheel drive, they may push it into the next phases. The rear wheel drive is currently being constructed at the Brampton factory located in Ontario.

During the meet, he also confirmed that the company has decided to stop the production of Chrysler 200 by 2017. The automobile manufacturer has decided to focus on newer models and better architecture so as to reach the younger generation. Making cars from the past has continued to hurt sales and it leads to bigger quarterly losses. By cutting down production of the model, the production plant will also be able to better focus on the newer cars.

FCA is looking to establish a partnership so that they can continue making the Dodge Dart and the Chrysler 200. Once they have successfully secured the partnership, the company will be able to focus on a whole new range of vehicles including trucks, vans and crossovers. In the heavily competitive industry, FCA is lagging behind in terms of innovation and next generation cars.

2016 Chrysler 300S Alloy Edition front

Fiscal reasons are said to play an integral role in the hiccup but it can be solved in matter of months once the partnership is established. The next gen Chrysler 300 on the Pacifica architecture is underway at the moment, getting ready for a grand launch.

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