Chrysler Got an All-Electric Car to Showcase at CES 2017

Fiat Chrysler is gearing up to launch an all-electric car at the Consumer Electronic Show 2017.

The brand is keen on showcasing its capability in making EVs and this will be their big launch during a prominent expo.

In the recent past, technology and automobile industries have joined hands in order to offer the best of both worlds to their customers. Creating vehicles that run fast and offer track record performance is not the only thing that could make people happy. They like to stay connected to satellite navigation system, have the best infotainment and easy connectivity with their smart devices.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica at CES 2017

The electric vehicle rage was pioneered by Tesla. Despite all the negative hurdles, Tesla managed to launch two different models that continue to be the top selling EVs of the time. Chrysler is about to bring an electric car which is probably the Pacifica minivan. The information comes from inside sources, people who work on the inside and it is the closest reliable source that we could get to.

There is still no official announcement from Fiat. Most auto companies refrain from announcing cars they are bring to CES 2017. The fact that it is an electronics show and not a motor expo that deters companies from proudly announcing their new cars. Besides, the reveal will have a strong focus on the electric motor, it’s mile range and overall connectivity features rather than the performance.

FCA is also working on electrifying one of the cars from the Maserati brand. All these cars are geared towards competing with the likes of Tesla, the Model S and the Model X cars. A lot of auto manufacturers are going to showcase their electrified cars at the event. However, they may not make an official announcement before the big day.

2017 chrysler pacifica All-Electric

With just a month to go, we don’t have to wait too much to know what they are bringing to CES 2017. Electric cars are not the only innovation to reach mainstream audience but companies are also working on making autonomous vehicles. Most cars will become fully autonomous or at least close to automatic driving by 2020. The feature has to undergo multiple government regulations before it can be used in cars throughout the globe. Each country will have a different rule on using autonomous cars and soon Chrysler may have its own version as well. Stay tuned and we will bring you the updates when CES begin

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