Chrysler Portal Electric Concept Astonishes CES 2017 Attendees with Selfie Cam and Futuristic Design

Fiat Chrysler Portal electric concept car is already popular at CES 2017 with a selfie cam, semi-autonomous technology and its spacious minivan inspired design.

With an apt caption that says, “designed by millenials for millenials”, the Portal concept model which is scheduled to make its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 is going to make a lot of people happy. Automobile companies focus on speed but the younger generation loves connectivity and being able to showcase their adventure trips to the world. The Chrysler Portal has it all with a large 11.8.2-inch wheelbase for maximum comfort, a touchscreen display on the dashboard with a mounted selfie cam and additional display in the back seat for passengers behind.

Chrysler Portal Concept

The three seater minivan crossover wagon is still in its concept stage and may or may not be greenlight to go into production. However, the Fiat Chrysler team’s vision seems plausible and practical just like how people expect their models to be. The dashboard is one of the subtle designs we have seen but it is equipped to the core with internet connectivity, social media apps combined with a large LCD and a touchscreen display. Each one of them is dedicated to performing specific functions.

It’s not all about fancy selfies and updating them on the social media though. The Portal Concept is a large three seater powered by a big 100kWh lithium ion battery. The battery pack is conveniently mounted under the seat so that it doesn’t obstruct the overall clean design. The car can go more than 250 miles and the 350kW fast charging technology lets you go get 150 miles of travel with just 15 minutes spent charging.

A post on Autoblog confirmed that the Chrysler Portal has SAE level 3 autonomous driving capability. Facial recognition, voice recognition and internal wireless network are its key features. There’s even an intercom to talk to those on the third row seat and people can share video, audio connect by using the LAN connection provided inside the car. The doors can slide front or back which is another unique feature that sets the SUV crossover apart.

Chrysler Portal Concept at CES

Once the official announcement takes place at CES 2017, we will know lot more about the Fiat Chrysler Portal electric concept car. It will go into production based on how well it is received by customers and even if it doesn’t we can be sure that the ideas will inspire another new model designed to adopt newer technology in the automobile sector.

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