Citroen CX Undergoes Major Overhaul To Become CXPERIENCE Concept

This year is the most favoured among auto brands to make some radical changes and get ready for the future.

Citroen CX is going to become the Cxperience concept car, a radically different vehicle that looks like it’s straight out of a fantasy flick.

Citroen CX

The brand is hinting on how they see the future of their brand and the Cxperience is supposed to be the new replacement for their C5 series. The model was showcased right before the Paris Motor Show. It is to be a plug-in hybrid variant and belongs to the large hatchback category. The size of the concept is very similar to the Ford Mondeo, a five door saloon offered by their competitor brand.

With a new chassis, the Cxperience concept is considerably wider and has a low ground clearance. A lot of similarities can be witnessed in the model which is primarily designed to beat Ford and their series of cars in the category. However, when the concept goes into production and reaches stores there might be other new models to give Citroen CX a tough fight to win their buyers.

According to the company, it is the C-experience which is spelled in a different way. The CX series model is made to offer a broader experience of what the Citroen brand has to offer. The inside of the car is long and sports rear glass that is shallow with a blunt drop in the body towards the taillights. The front fascia features slim LED daytime running lights. Air intake flaps on the front bumper can be opened or closed as required by the driver.

An extremely sophisticated dashboard is used in the Citroen CX CXperience concept. Named the Advanced Comfort principles, the dashboard is extremely clean and has a dedicated stand for the smartphone. The front has a large 19-inch widescreen display with touch capabilities. It is probably the biggest infotainment screen in recent times and there are no physicals buttons on the dashboard.

Citroen CX Become CXPERIENCE Concept

Rear passengers can enjoy best comfort with a tablet attached to the seats. The display allows them to adjust the position of their seats, watch media content and control the air conditioned temperature. The plug-in hybrid car can deliver up to 200 horsepower when coupled with the electric motor but the high end model can go up to 300 horsepower according to Citroen.

The final production version of the concept could undergo major changes before it hits dealership stores.

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