Citroen CXPERIENCE Concept Model Refreshed to Replace C5 Series

Citroen CXPERIENCE is poised to become a full replacement for the Citroen C5 family car and it was officially launched at the 2016 Paris auto show.


The new concept model belongs to the hatchback category and is a five door model designed to be a strong competitor to the Ford Mondeo. The overall length of the model has been increased to offer better comfort level for the passengers on board. The new CXPERIENCE car has its roofline at 1.37 meters and is 2 meters wide. The new model belongs to the CX family inspired by their original launches in the 70s and the 80s.

On the front end, the car has a corporate grill design with LED daytime lights and there are air flaps mounted on the lower front bumper. They can be opened or closed as required to modify the aerodynamic efficiency. The brand is introducing new advanced comfort principles with a revamped dashboard. The console features a large 19-inch widescreen display which might seem like an overkill for some. It includes a heads up display, digital instrument panel and can be configured to show the information the driver has to know.

For the convenience of passengers, a smartphone stand is equipped on the dashboard and there’s even a small tablet on the back which lets passengers adjust temperature and share media files on the go. Of late, all new models are focusing on offering the convenience to control the functions even when people are in the backseat. The new Citroen C-xperience tries to mimic the same by being a family friendly car.

A plug-in hybrid engine is used in the Citroen CXPERIENCE concept model which can deliver up to 150 horsepower and in some variants, it might go up to 200 horsepower. The engine is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission system. The electric motor of the car is capable of delivering a total distance of 40 miles after which it changes to the petrol or the diesel powertrain.

Citroen C5

So far, the automobile brand Citroen is not so popular in the Chinese market. The company plans to expand its lineup and offer bigger cars in the region to reach their audience. They have also planned to launch bigger hatchbacks, large saloons which may or may not find its way to the US, UK market. Citroen is focused on making the best SUVs in the next year or so which is expected to be available in all major regions including UK and US.

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