Companies Demand Increased Costs to offer Car Insurance for Teenagers

A person cannot drive a car without a proper car insurance, but when the driver is a teenager, obviously the company wants them to pay much higher than their adult counterparts.

They are just not simply claiming more based on a basic assumption that teenage kids are irresponsible drivers, but have plenty of statistics to prove that they indulge in more accidents than anyone else. If you are planning to go for an insurance policy, it is much better to add a teenage son or daughter to the family’s comprehensive policy than buy one separately. An individual application will cost much more than adding them to an already existing package.

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A deep analysis was conducted by the website Insurance Quotes and at the end of their study they declared that teenage kids aged 18+ add 77 percent of insurance costs to their parents because companies wouldn’t insure them for anything less. Besides, if they are going to purchase it separately, they have to pay 18 percent more when compared to a joint policy along with their parents.

The only way for a teenager to reduce the cost of their car insurance is to maintain a clean record every year and the yearly premium will slowly reduce, based on how well they do on the road. Obviously, if they manage to sustain for another two to three years, they will be 21 by then and will be considered adults which leads to further reduction in the insurance costs.

Adding to the allegations, the Highway Safety Research Center documents claim that teenagers are the cause of accidents due to their careless behavior, increased usage of smartphones and lack of concentration on the road. Such negative aspects lead to accidents, which in turn result in demands on the insurance companies to pay for the damages they caused. In order to cover any loss, the companies demand a bigger payment upfront.


Arthur Goodwin, a senior research associate at the center suggests that parents shouldn’t limit their kids and help them understand various elements of road safety. Instead of asking them to drive within the neighborhood and to college every day, they should expose them to various terrains including hills, highway driving among other locations to give them the much needed experience. Under adult supervision, teenagers can understand the nuances of driving to become better drivers in a short term and can avoid accidents. Elders can also pay more upfront to reduce car insurance costs to add a teenage kid to the existing family policy.

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