D3 Cadillac is a Super CTS-V Coupe Priced at $89,000

Everything about the 2013 Cadillac CTS-V is impressive because it has been thoroughly modified with parts supplied by D3.

While the asking price of $89,000 might sound expensive as one could actually buy the 2016 edition of the CTS-V in this range, the modifications and performance offered by the D3Cadillac is simply irresistible. Car lovers who expect the best out of their vehicles are often disappointed with the basic variants. Manufacturers often focus on delivering a balanced experience to different types of riders, which is why they don’t consider tuning or tweaking them to the full extent.


However, the D3 Cadillac Super CTS-V is different and delivers amazing level of suspension, brakes, engine performance, enhanced wheels and the silver frost white coupe to achieve that luxurious finish. A wide range of parts in the car has been replaced with the one supplied by D3. The changes include a two piece front spoiler, brake cooling inlet which has an integrated LED lighting system and a two piece rear diffuser. The vehicle also includes a noir package from the brand and the gloss black racing strip with Bahama blue vinyl pin striping gives it a sporty look. Buyers can choose to purchase the vehicle without these strips.

The car is still powered by the original 6.2 liter LSA V8 engine, but its performance and output power is highly optimized, thanks to the bunch load of parts supplied by D3 again! The modified engine uses a D3 crank pulley kit, air intake, 82 lb fuel injectors for added torque and NGK TR6 plugs made efficient with spark plug wires from MSD.

D3 Cadillac CTS-V

In order to keep the engine cool under demanding conditions, D3 has also supplied a front mounted ultra-cooler and an intercooler reservoir from Magnusson. The original Cadillac renders 556 horsepower, but with all these changes, it obviously will deliver much more than that, probably in the 600 hp range.

The D3 tuned vehicle has a completely new set of shoes to improvise the wheel and is mounted on a brand new KW variant 3 coil over system. When opting for a turn-key racer variant, buyers look for a car that could offer them the best performance, but it doesn’t mean they choose to overlook the pricing. But, if you are one among the elite enthusiasts who would love a Cadillac with amazing D3 parts, the CTS-V is an ideal option to go for. It has everything that you could ask for and more, but with an increased price tag.

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