Datsun’s Go Cross is a Stylish Crossover SUV Revealed at Delhi Auto Expo

Datsun is a budget friendly automobile manufacturer who may not have a stronghold in the West, but they are definitely going places if we have to bet on the newly launched concept car – Go Cross crossover SUV.

Earlier, Datsun proudly unveiled the Go Cross at the Tokyo Auto Expo, much to the delight of those who attended the event. The car was uniquely stylish in its own way and had a touch of sophistication. Datsun belongs to Nissan which stands proof to the quality they can deliver. While local brands can hardly create such SUVs, Nissan is more than capable of coming out with a car that could entice the crowd and convince them to go for it.


At the moment, the brand is limited to specific countries in Asia. The Go Cross SUV will be available only to buyers who live in Russia, South Africa, India and Indonesia. However, depending on the level of success it attains on launch, it may be rebranded under Nissan or another company to get launched in US, UK among other countries.

In their official press statement, the company said that the new SUV is aimed at young people who love to enjoy long rides and live life in a way which is filled with plenty of amazing pit stops. They are obviously targeting the young crowd who may prefer having a bigger crossover with enough space for all their friends as well as some good cargo room.

The 2016 edition of Datsun Go Cross can easily meet all these requirements and more, said the company representative. While the Delhi Auto Expo is an interesting event for automobile lovers, majority of the cars launched during the show is focused on the Asian market. Most of them are budget friendly models designed to appease the majority of the crowd in specific countries.


While they are not inferior in terms of quality and design, most cars lack features that are very common in those released in the US and Europe due to their increased price tags. The Datsun Go Cross is definitely a different entry in the lineup with great design and color choices.

If you are looking forward to own it, you may have to wait until Nissan decides to launch it in other parts of the world. For those who already reside in the above said countries, it’s an easy buy when it gets officially launched.

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