David and Brooklyn Beckham Share Candid Father-Son Affectionate Hug Moment

David Beckham, the former soccer star, and his 16-year-old son, Brooklyn Beckham shared a candid father-son affectionate hug moment on Instagram.

The father-son duo had recently gone hiking together and the snap showed father Beckham with his arms tightly around his son and planting an affectionate kiss on Brooklyn. The son looks on happily with a smirk on his face and without any evident discomfort that is normally seen among adolescents when there is too much of public show of love from their parents.

David Beckham

The touching caption on the former LA Galaxy player’s Instagram post said, ‘Something tells me I love this not-so-little man so much. Growing fast into a perfect gentleman and hiking buddy, I love you, big boy’. The soccer stud’s model-son also uploaded the melting-your-heart shot on his popular Instagram account with the caption, ‘like father like son’. Despite being the famous celebrity-star that Beckham is, this picture clearly showed that above all, he is a loving father first.

It seems that the doting father not only shares quality time with Brooklyn during workouts and hikes; he also accompanied his son on his first date. According to a report published on E! News, in an appearance on ‘Late Late Show’ in March last year, the soccer stud shared this interesting anecdote about his son’s first date. Brooklyn Beckham was then about 14 years and wanted to take a girl out on a date on Valentine’s Day.

As his mother, the ex-Spice Girl, Victoria, was not in town, the father decided to go along with Brooklyn. They all went to a small sushi restaurant and while his handsome teen son and his date sat at the sushi bar, the father sat about five tables away stealing glances unobtrusively.

Brooklyn Beckham

The Beckham’s family bonding is an open secret with pictures of various loving-affectionate scenarios galore on social media. Whether it be that of Brooklyn-Harper making a pizza together or the star coupe taking their younger sons, Romeo and Cruz, out to watch a dance recital of their daughter Harper, these snaps seem to touch the hearts of all their fans and their popularity never seems to fade.

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