David Beckham and Victoria Heading for a Split? Removal of Marriage Tattoos Fuels Rumors

David and Victoria Beckham are heading for an imminent split, if rumors are to be believed. The fact that Victoria Beckham has started erasing her marriage tattoos is fueling the rumors to no end.

Living under the spotlight, always, is bound to create stress between couples, especially those like the Beckhams who are constantly under the glare of the media, which monitors their every moment. After a long 16 years of togetherness, the celebrity couple may be hitting the road to splitsville as the unhappy pair attended charity functions in different continents recently.


The fashion designer was not her happy self when she gave her speech at the Fashion 4 Development’s fifth annual official first Ladies luncheon in NYC. Similarly, her soccer-legend husband appeared to put up a brave front as he walked in at the Pride of Britain awards ceremony in London.

Daily Mail reported that the couple’s marriage is going through a rocky patch because they are continuously arguing and quarrelling with each other. The primary reason for the conflict seems to be whether to keep their family based out of London or Los Angeles.

A source told the news website, ‘Any marriage takes work and when you’ve been together for as long as David and Victoria have and you’re living your life under the public microscope, there are always testing times’.

Victoria is seemingly distraught with her life and is looking very thin. Her weight loss is very suggestive as it is known that she always loses weight when her relationship with David Beckham goes through rough patches. Adding fuel to these splitting rumors is the fact that Victoria is in the process of removing her marriage tattoo which says, ‘I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine’ in Hebrew. Her recent photo wherein this tattoo is appearing noticeably lighter is also very suggestive.

According to OK Magazine, an inside source reported that the celebrity had a huge showdown recently in Victoria Beckham’s Dover Street boutique. Earlier too, the gap between the two was growing, primarily driven by the stresses and pressures of their separate business ventures. Additionally, their non-stop travelling routine is eating away their ‘together’ time.

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The source added that tension is mounting between David and Victoria Beckham. While she is stressed out and fatigued from working very hard, David is more relaxed as he is now retired. Their fights are seemingly monumental with cuss words thrown at each other. However, their four children, Brooklyn 16, Romeo, 13, Cruz, 10 and Harper, 4 are keeping their family bonds strong, added the source.

While the star couple has been in the ‘divorce’ rumor section earlier too, this time the erasing of marriage tattoos that symbolize their mutual love could fan the wild rumors of an imminent split between one of the most-loved celebrity couples of modern times.

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