David Beckham Makes First Public Appearance after His Backlash on Parenting Critics

David Beckham, the English soccer superstar, made his first public appearance in Brentwood, California, after his backlash on parenting critics recently.

He was seen in casual clothes at the Earth Bar presumably after a grueling SoulCycle class at Haig Club. He later updated his Instagram account with a picture of himself at the Haig Club.

David Beckham

For the ones who missed the recent news on the dashing socialite-footballer, a very livid David Beckham took to Instagram to blast the editors of an English tabloid for belittling his wife, Victoria Beckham’s and their parenting skills. The Daily Mail published an article in which a parenting expert criticized the use of a pacifier by Beckham’s four-year-old daughter, Harper Seven Beckham. In the article, the experts opined that she was too old for a pacifier and if the habit is left unchecked, she could run the risk of developing dental or speech related problems later on. The article also featured a photo of David Beckham and Harper with a pacifier in her mouth.

Beckham’s fondness for his family has been covered by the paparazzi many times, including one in February this year, when news of his clicking away at his daughter while she pranced around on the streets of London with his swanky digital camera. The same tabloid carried the news of a warm family meal that Harper had when in Los Angeles this July with her older brothers Romeo and Brooklyn and her father. This time, however, the coverage was of a less pleasant kind and the star footballer wasted no time in making known his displeasure for the tabloid’s rebuke.

David Beckham parenting

Beckham minced no words in his Instagram message slamming the parenting experts and editors while questioning their rights to interfere with the upbringing of his child and talked insultingly about his parenting skills or lack thereof. He said that others do not have any right to chastise parents with regard to their own children and that too without knowing all the facts. He defended his daughter by saying that she had been sick and how it is quite natural for children during sickness or times of fever to resort to pacifiers as it is the most comforting thing for them.

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