Dodge Introduces Go Mango Color for Challenger and Charger SRT

The Go Mango color variant is an exclusive for Dodge cars. They have already rolled it out for the Charger and the Challenger Hellcats in the past.

The brand has now announced that they will bring it to the 2016 versions of the Charger SRT as well as the Challenger models.


The color was first introduced with the 1970 Challenger and after a hiatus, it found its way to the Charger R/T. The Daytona models proudly sported the color in the year 2006. And, it’s now another decade after which the automobile manufacturer has decided to bring it back. It was made available for the 2016 Dodge Dart and now these new models.

According to Tim Kuniskis, head of the brand in North America, high performance models from Dodge demand such high impact colors. “It helps reach the audience better and leave a long lasting impression. They help the brand stand apart from competition and provide a sense of exclusivity to those who own it,” he said.

Whenever one spots a muscle car from Dodge, they obviously imagine the mango colored variant as it is considered synonymous with it. The brand’s head added that the iconic names and colors work together to create the image that the brand has developed over the years.

“We will always be spending a lot of time in the paint code archive so as to come up with some impressive colors that our customers want. It is not just to meet their requirements but our team is working hard to exceed expectations at all points,” he added.

The Spring Festival in California took place last week. Dodge showcased its new color variants in the event. The particular paint will be available exclusively for the Challenger SRT 392, SRT Hellcat, Charger SRT 392 and the SRT Hellcat. All these top performers have a strong fan following and buyers simply can’t choose a muscle car without having to have Dodge in their list of preferred models.


The company is taking orders for these color variants of the cars at the moment. Official pricing is expected to remain the same as the powertrain and other features continue to be exactly as it used to be. You can check out the pictures where Dodge teases buyers on how these cars will look when painted in its proprietary color tone. It simply looks gorgeous and definitely brings some great Fast and Furious memories back.

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