A Dynamic Honda CR-V Is Heading To Stores Next Year

Spy photos of the next gen Honda CR-V were spotted multiple times.

Honda CR-V

According to latest update, the new model is about to be unveiled in the near future and will find its way to the stores by next year.

The Honda CR-V is about to take on the Mazda CX-5 as its primary competitor in the medium SUV segment. Long gone are the days when sedans and coupes used to be the most preferred car of their choice. People now have a strong interest on compact SUVs as they offer more space, cargo area and better legroom for multiple passengers. Betting on the newfound interest, automobile manufacturers have rolled out multiple compact SUVs and the CR-V is soon to join the lineup.

It is expected that new Honda CR-V will be officially launched in U.S. in a couple of months after which the car will hit showrooms in other regions. The CR-V will share a lot of similarities with the Civic but will retain the looks and finish associated with a medium SUV. With a brand new platform and tweaked chassis, you can be sure that the new car will have ample room for the passengers. At the same time, the design team has confirmed that the cargo space will be phenomenal when compared to the current edition.

An upmarket cabin offers the best of luxury and a comfortable ride. While specific details are yet to be revealed by Honda, we presume that it will use plenty of leather on the inside combined with heating capabilities and a well-connected infotainment system. The team is also aiming to make the car fun to drive than being monotonous. The objective is to make the medium SUV appealing to people of all age-groups and introduce it to a newer segment apart from long running patrons of the model.

2018 Honda CR-V

Inside sources claim that Honda is keen on making the CR-V a sporty SUV offering in the market. They are about to bring some elite features and components into the model so as to bring it on par with the luxurious variants like the Volkswagen Tiguan. The automobile brand no longer wants the CR-V to be identified as the Beige SUV but rather change its perspective so as to stay relevant in the ever changing market.

With a premium quality interior, the new Honda CR-V is poised to be the big change in the SUV segment and we can confirm once the official launch takes place.

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