Ebola Vaccine Test Successful on Over 7,600 People in Guinea

An epidemic situation is tough to control and when it spread in three under privileged countries in the world, the issue became far worse than imagined.

There has never been such a chaotic situation in human history because despite the sincere attempts from the World Health Organization, among other communities, it was impossible to contain the situation. All because Ebola didn’t have an actual vaccine and developing one when the epidemic is still at large is next to impossible.

eBola vaccine

In almost every region, the epidemic strikes at the most unexpected moment and when they do so, they spread at a rapid pace. When dealing with a disease such as Ebola, scientists are helpless, because vaccination cannot be prescribed unless it has been tested to be positive on multiple subjects. Besides, the vaccine takes years to be developed, tested and distributed to those who got affected. Every common notion has been shattered this time because an Ebola vaccine is officially available.

After testing it on over 7,600 people, the team which pioneered the idea confirmed that there were no repeated occurrences of the virus again. It’s a 100 percent successful venture for which the entire population in Liberia and Sierra Leone are thankful for. The test study was conducted on communities of people who were already affected by the deadly disease in Guinea.

Apart from mild effects, the patients didn’t show any signs of infection and could tolerate the vaccination which is a medical miracle. A year ago, things were not so good without any hope in sight. The research team which was organized by the Wellcome Trust was skeptical about being able to come up with a vaccine for an epidemic that is still in progress. The team achieved the unbelievable with support from NGOs, governments and health organizations which funded their research with utmost hope.

eBola vaccine test

According to recent reports, the vaccination is being moved to Sierra Leone and Liberia so that those living in these regions can be injected as well. The test subjects were injected with the vaccine titled rVSV-ZEBOV in batches so that the symptoms in the preliminary batch could be taken note of while others were kept under observation.

When Ebola showed no signs of return on the first batch of people, it was prescribed for the entire test community which increased the number to thousands of victims who turned into hale and healthy humans. Data gathering continues as the organizations are working to acquire a license to distribute it as a public safety measure.

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