Electric Cars Expected to be as Cheap as Petrol and Diesel Models by 2022

The main hurdle that electric cars have been facing ever since their launch is the exorbitant pricing. It continues to intimidate buyers making it difficult to go for it but things will totally change by 2022 according to industry experts.

Every automobile manufacturer is busy creating the electric car with the best mile range and they are working at the same time to produce batteries for cheaper costs. In turn, they help reduce the pricing of the vehicle. Industry experts talking to a leading automobile magazine opined that within the next four years by 2020, electric vehicles will become mainstream. While the pricing will be brought down to the $30,000 mark by that time on almost every models, they are supposed to be much cheaper in the longer run.


Citing the fact that the cost for producing batteries have fell down by at least 35 percent in one year and the total sales of electric vehicles has increased by 65 percent throughout the globe. Based on these numbers and with more electric models scheduled to hit dealership stores, the analysts confirmed that EVs are the future no matter what. They are going to become affordable, easy to drive and designed to accommodate newest technologies including automated driving.

Tesla is all set to reveal a prototype of its Model 3 electric car on March 31st. The company confirmed that they will price it as low as possible, probably in the $25,000 mark. Chevrolet has its own Bolt while Nissan predicts that their EV named Leaf will soon be able to park on its own and make use of the wireless charging technology.

The entire industry is bitten by the electric powertrain bug and it is just going to spread and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. New methods of producing electricity will also play an integral role in bringing it to the consumers. Newer technologies will allow 1,900 terawatts of electricity produced by 2040 making it easier to power the vehicles. They will be emission free and lead to a greener world without compromising on performance.

Aston Martin Electric Cars

It’s not just the daily car segment but super cars and sports car manufacturers are exploring the possibility of powering their models with batteries. McLaren confirmed that they are working on a P1 successor possibly with a hybrid motor while Bugatti is considering a similar option without performance dips. If these cars could run at an amazing top speed and deliver the same hp, they will make it to the stores.

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