Faraday Future Electric Test Mule Spotted on the Road

Faraday Future is already testing its electric SUV on the roads close to their production facility in California.

Faraday Future Electric

When the automobile brand announced their plans to launch a SUV powered by an electric motor and mile range that could give Tesla a really tough competition, it didn’t catch the attention of the crowd. Tesla was more of an established brand and there had been plenty of companies that make huge claims. However, Faraday Future seems to be keen on accomplishing what they promised. The car is already being on the roads being tested which assured that they are in the right track.

As expected, the test model is fully camouflaged but we could still make out the long wheelbase and the swooping roofline. These were the readily noticeable features of the car which also sports large headlights, door mirrors. On the whole, the SUV easily reminds everybody of the popular Tesla Model X SUV.

It was never an easy launch for Tesla either as the company delayed it by many months and a year. They had plenty of issues in implementing the gull wing doors in the Model X besides delivering a car that offered reliable mile range on a single charge. Faraday Future on the other hand is making even bigger claims as they plan to not only use electric motors but also integrate autonomous technology in their upcoming SUV.

An official reveal for the model is expected to take place in the mid of 2017 and it is scheduled to hit stores by 2018. The time is less for them to deliver a car that has the highest mileage and has autonomous driving capabilities. But, Faraday Future could seek help from technology giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft. All three companies are showing keen interest in the automobile sector. They have already signed deals with Nissan, Renault among other manufacturers to share cloud data.

Faraday Future

The cloud data will be used by cars to communicate with one another irrespective of the brand they belong to. It is the first feasible step towards implement self-driving and can be implemented only when technology based companies are part of the production process. Faraday Future also launched a FFZERO1 concept, the most ambitious of them all that should deliver nearly 1000 horsepower.

Driving such a beast on the road is nearly impossible but it’s not into production yet. The electric SUV will be the one to be revealed first.

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