Faraday Future is Tesla’s Direct Competitor, Ready for CES 2016

Tesla has been enjoying the monopoly in the electric car segment, because they didn’t have a direct competitor, at least until now.

While BMW, Volvo, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, among other many automobile manufacturers have electric cars, all of them are either a hybrid or a plug in version. They rely too much on the petrol engines because buyers have second thoughts about owning an electric car that has less mile range. Tesla changed the scenario with their Model S. The car has already won the hearts of millions and is one of the best-selling luxury sedans in Europe with a high price tag.

Faraday Future 2

It is definitely not something everyone could afford, but Tesla is already working on a cheaper sedan. The sedan will get launched in the next two to three years. A brand new company is ready to make its grand debut at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016. The brand named Faraday Future is on the same lines as Tesla, they are going to manufacture cars which are totally electric.

We know very less detail about the brand at the moment. However, the company claimed that they will have at least 300 employees in their organization before the end of the year. The cars are expected to hit dealerships in 2017. They are going to invest $1 billion in order to develop a R&D center and a manufacturing plant.

A teaser video has been released by Faraday Future that showcases the company’s ideas and the concept car that they are going to manufacture for the first time. The upcoming model is expected to be at least fifteen percent higher in terms of power when compared to the 85 kW battery used by the Tesla car.  A multi-cell battery will be used in the car to boost its mileage to the maximum level.

The advantage of using such a battery is that it allows the designers to easily mount them in the vehicle. The modular design can be replaced individually if one of them fails, which reduces the overall maintenance costs. Faraday Future is also working on in-vehicle connectivity features and similar to Tesla, they are going to come up with autonomous driving features as well.

Faraday Future

You can check out the official video posted on Twitter to know more about the new electric car company. They might probably change the world of automobiles one more time just like Tesla did earlier.


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