Ferrari California T Gets Updated with HS Performance Kit

The Ferrari California T has received a new HS performance kit which provides better performance, handling and comfort level for the car.

HS stands for Handling Speciale which is an optional add-on. Owners who love their California T may probably go for it because it adds stiffer suspension as well as a brand new exhaust system. Apart from the performance boost, the kit also modifies some of the design elements to make the amazing car look breathtaking. With a drop top, it is easily a stylish launch from Ferrari that is ideal to drive this summer.

Ferrari California T

If you own the car and like to give it a nudge, the HS kit is available for 3,500 UK pounds. With the upgrade, the car’s springs will performance much better leading to an increased bounce even on bumpy roads. The front springs will be 16 percent more flexible while the rear will be 19 percent more efficient than it already is.

According to Ferrari, the add-on makes the car go faster by decreasing the slowdown caused by bumps. The better springs also make the car more responsive than it has ever been. The HS package tweaks the gearbox in the vehicle allowing drivers to shift gears much faster and the revamped exhaust changes the note of the engine sound. It is much louder than the standard edition of the car but is unique and captivating in its own way.

Exterior changes are very subtle and may not be noticed immediately but they do their part to make the car look distinct from the basic edition. The exhausts, the grille and the rear diffuser in the Ferrari California T has received a new color palette. In order to contrast the color, the tailpipes are made with a matte black finish.

Ferrari California T 1

The HS upgrade kit logo is also embossed on the dashboard and other parts of the car to make sure the world knows you have upgraded your car into something better. While owning a Ferrari is amazing in its own terms, such add-ons allow one to show off a bit among a group of people who already own luxury sedans.

The pricing of the kit is on the higher side but given the fact that it changes the engine sound, provides new color variants and brings in a notable performance bump as well as increased comfort on the road, it is definitely a worthy investment to make.

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