All Ferrari Cars To Be Hybrid by 2020: Ferrari CEO Marchionne

Ferrari has plans to electrify its cars and adopting hybrid technology is the first sensible step towards contributing to the ecosystem.

The company may have much bigger plans than what was originally announced.

LaFerrari Spider

Sharing his stand on electrifying their cars and making the brand go hybrid, Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Ferrari commented that he is keen to see all their cars become hybrid by 2020. Creating an entire lineup of models with battery packs and electric motors is no easy task. Addressing the practicality of adopting this idea, he added that even though it may not be easy, making majority of their models with hybrid power should be a great start. It will be done by 2019.

The news comes from Ferrari’s CEO Marchionne when he addressed investors during a financial conference and explained further about the route the auto brand would take in the near future. The fastest and most promising car from the stable, the F12 Berlinetta is going to be a flagship hybrid model. The upcoming car will undergo some changes so as to call itself worthy of a launch that hits dealership stores in 2020. Under the hood, the model will have a powerful V-12 naturally aspirated engine, one of the extremely powerful engines for a car to have that will share space with an electric motor.

In the past, supercar manufacturers like McLaren, Ferrari were extremely intimidated by switching from gasoline engines to electric motors. Changing their lineup to full electric cars is an impossible feat and it might also put off their long running customers. However, with changing times, it became evident that electrified automobile industry is the future and they decided to adopt the technology to appease their eco-friendly buyers.

Ferrari F12 berlinetta

“When we combine powerful engines with electric power, Ferrari cars can get faster, more efficient and powerful on the road. Undergoing a fundamental shift to adopt this technology and build a new range of cars is something we are prepared to go with. The production will wrap up in time so that they are available for buyers in the next few years,” said Marchionne.

The CEO of Ferrari was not ready to comment on specific numbers but he said that he has a vision where at least 10,000 cars from the brand reach their buyers by 2020. Most of them will be either hybrid or fully electrified. Ferrari sold about 8,000 cars this year. Increasing it by 2,000 more in next decade sounds like a sensible goal!

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