Ferrari Files Patent for a Hybrid Powered Supercar

Building a supercar with conventional gasoline engine is a feat in itself, but Ferrari, always wanting to push the automobile industry to the next level, is actually working on a hybrid super car.

The information comes from a patent filed by the company that confirmed that they are interested in and probably already working on a supercar that uses both a gasoline engine as well as an electric motor. The patent filing was spotted by a popular automobile magazine.


Based on the details revealed by the article, it is confirmed that the upcoming hybrid car will have its engine mounted in the front. Car enthusiasts and longtime industry watchers assume that it could be none other than the successor to the popular F12 Berlinetta.

In order to save space and maintain the seamless look of the supercar, the batteries will be mounted below the floor while the electric motor will be placed in the rear. Ferrari has keen interest in producing hybrid cars for a long time. However, the company couldn’t find the right time and inspiration to come up with something noteworthy.

Compared to the past, times have changed drastically and hybrids are embraced by people which may have prompted Ferrari to take the first step forward. One of the prominent issues that sports car face is space. They can’t bear the size of conventional lithium ion batteries. Tesla had an answer for this issue.

Instead of bulky batteries, they had already opted for individual cylindrical cells in their Model S and Model X SUV. Ferrari is expected to follow the same technology so that they could conveniently mount them below the floor without compromising on spacing.

Ferrari cars are known for seats mounted really low which helps a lot in aerodynamics and providing owners the unique experience of owning a two seater sports car. With advancement in technology and buyers’ interest in hybrids, the situation is much favorable for the brand to go ahead with the idea.

Except for the patent filings spotted by insiders, there are no other information available with regards to the upcoming hybrid model. It may be another two to three years before the company finally pushes the vehicle into production. They might also be waiting for others to launch their own hybrids and electric vehicles so as to make an informed decision.

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For now, it is the auto shows that matter the most and maybe Ferrari might be inclined to make an announcement at one such expo this year.

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