Ferrari GTC4 Lusso Official Specifications Revealed

Ferrari has already announced their plan to launch the FF supercar at the Geneva Auto Expo. Before the official reveal, they have showed pictures of the car and announced its specifications.

By naming the new FF as the GTC4 Lusso, Ferrari is commemorating two of its best cars from the past – the Berlinetta Lusso from 1962 and the 330 GTC from 1966. The exterior of the car has undergone some major changes, including an all-new front grille. It uses an integrated air intake design combined with deep air vents while the rear spoiler has been subtly mounted on the roof. The highlight of the new design is the rear diffuser with an amazingly big three fence opening.


The new version of the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is powered by a 6.-3 liter V12 engine and uses a dual clutch seven speed transmission system. For increased safety and control on the road, the car is equipped with side slip control stability. There’s an electronic differential and electronic magnetic dampeners as well.

According to the company’s official statement, the sports car Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is much more versatile than its earlier predecessors. The car can offer best control to the driver not only on roads, but even on dirt, mud and snow covered regions. It stands proof for the company’s eagerness to satisfy a wide range of audience than just sports car lovers.

Apart from the exterior changes and the safety features, there have been some new additions to improve overall comfort. The dashboard is equipped with a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment display which supports Apple Carplay technology. Everything in the dashboard including the speedometer and gear selection has been custom modified for this specific model.

Ferrari has a habit of using unique fonts, designs and style for each new model that they make. The new GTC4 Lusso is no different. While most auto manufacturers are aiming to make a grand entry at the Geneva Motor Show, they have made their announcements official much earlier than expected.

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Despite releasing pictures of the car and its specifications, Ferrari has not announced the launch date or the official pricing for the GTC4 Lusso. They have refrained from doing so and would like to do the same during the Geneva show on the show floor. It will most probably end up in stores before the end of 2016, but the pricing obviously is not going to be affordable for many as it’s a Ferrari!

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