Ferrari Set to Launch 350 Bespoke Cars To Celebrate 70th Anniversary

Ferrari is getting ready to celebrate its 70th anniversary in a grand manner as most automakers does when they achieve specific milestones. A fleet of cars will be released to mark the occasion.

Ferrari F12

Cavallino Rampante has been around for 70 years now and it is obviously a cool achievement that the company could boast of. To commemorate the occasion, Ferrari is getting ready to launch a bunch of cars and all of them will be limited special edition models. The report comes from a leading automobile magazine and we can be confident that the source is official. The special edition models will be priced much higher than the base models. They will be equipped with exclusive components, color palette and most importantly, the special edition badge fixed on different areas of the car to show it belongs to an elite category.

For the average buyer, shelling out extra cash to own the same car with new colors and a badge may not sound so exciting. But, for the collectors and automobile experts, such models are once in a lifetime opportunity. Ferrari may launch 350 bespoke cars to celebrate the 70th anniversary model. The official announcement was first made at the Ferrari Cavalcade which was held in Italy. The event was filled by Ferrari fans from around the globe and it is the best place to make such an announcement.

“Our entire team is working really hard to bring back the nostalgic touch to every car we launch. The entire team at Maranello spent plenty of hours going through the Ferrari history to identify the most iconic cars in each season. They shortlisted the best out of the lot and have designed something new. The iconic exteriors and interiors that made them popular in the first place are adapted in the newer cars to commemorate the 70th anniversary in a right manner,” said Enrico Galliera, the head of marketing and commercial department.

2017 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso rear

Over 70 different cars from the past has been handpicked by the team and they will be used to build five different models from the current generation. The colors, design and the interior finish will be implemented into the cars. The shortlisted models include the F12, GTC4 Lusso, Spider, Ferrari 488 GTB and the California T. Every car that is part of the anniversary lineup will be unique and will not be similar to the last model. Ferrari is going to build 350 different cars and launch them at the Paris auto show.

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