Festival Automobile International Concept Car 2016 Comes to a Grand Finale

The 31st edition of the grand Festival Automobile International 2016, where they proudly display all the concept cars, has finally come to a grand finale.

The event was originally convened and established in 1986. Instead of focusing on technology and new launches like other expos do, this one is solely dedicated to bringing the best out of the designers. Everyone loves to design amazing automobiles, which may or may not go into production, citing multiple reasons.


However, they love this festival automobile international because it serves as the right platform for them to unleash their creative ideas, without being restrained by financial crisis.

During the 31st edition of the expo, a wide range of cars made their way to the ramp. Many of them were highly exotic and the surprising factor is you can’t even have a price tag on them because of these cars being purely concept versions. They may not perform well in real life road conditions, but looked hot and sizzling in terms of exterior design.

The Most Beautiful Car of the Year award is an annual custom followed by the expo organizers. This year, the award went to Renault Talisman. Even though, Renault managed to bag the award, there are just so many of them. You can go through the bunch of pictures we have from the event, but there’s lots more to it.

The event witnessed participation from the likes of Bugatti, Ferrari, Ford, Lamborghini among all the top tier manufacturers in the world. Many of these cars even though concept versions could actually go into production with some major changes. But, it is at the Festival Automobile International where you could get a glimpse of them all in their original glory.


Another unique aspect of the event is that the manufacturers no longer talk about specifications, speed or features because they focus on the design than anything else. It’s all about being able to convince the visitors that their car is the best so as to win the yearly award. Despite some big players being there in the expo, Renault bagged it right off them with its unique and unconventional design combined with some exotic components used to construct it.

Many of them were obviously sports cars because they look the best in every scenario. The blue Bugatti was an eye catcher, but it had to meet stiff competition on the show floor due to other manufacturers on board.

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