Fiat Fullback is a New Pickup Truck Launched at 2015 Dubai Motor Show

The 2015 Dubai Motor Show is underway at the moment. In the grand event, a new pickup truck – the Fiat Fullback was officially revealed.

For buyers who have already had the chance to look at the Mitsubishi Triton truck will find the design of the Fullback extremely familiar. If you are one among the group and were wondering why it looks all the same, it’s because the Fiat Fullback is an identical copy of the Triton truck. The vehicle shares all the design modules and the interiors, but has been tweaked slightly so as to sync with the brand image that Fiat has, among its customers.


Mitsubishi and Fiat have signed an agreement based on which the company will sell their pickup truck under their own brand name in their stores. The truck has a wheelbase of 3,000 mm and has a width of 1,815 mm. There are three different variants of the cab which will be available at launch including a single cab, an extended cab and a double cab. Out of the three, the double cab is the biggest and most spacious of them all.

Fiat does have plans to launch the truck in Europe or other parts of the world but with slight variations. Official statement confirms it will be sold predominantly in the Middle East and Africa. Mitsubishi enjoys a great fan base in the west while Fiat is more popular in the other half of the globe which prompted the companies to split the market and make revenue out of it.

The Fiat Fullback pickup truck is powered by a 2.5-liter turbodiesel engine with capacities of 110 PS and 178 PS. Similar powered trucks are already being sold in Malaysia under the Triton brand. Buyers also have the option to go for a 2.4-liter petrol engine which has 132 PS. The truck will be launched in Europe and the UK as well, with similar engines that deliver 150 PS and 180 PS.


Buyers will be able to choose between two different transmission systems; one is a six speed manual gearbox, while the other a five speed automatic transmission model. The trucks will have a sports mode which will make it more powerful when you may have to cross difficult terrain. The truck will go on sale in May 2016.

Fiat has already revealed a compact truck in the South American market. The company is aiming to expand their line-up with the Fullback in multiple regions at the same time.

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