Fisker is Coming Back in 2017 With an Electric Car

In the year 2012, Fisker Karma was launched but the automobile brand that was out of the market in the past few years is coming back with an electric car to rival Tesla next year.

The company has confirmed that they are going to build an all-electric vehicle designed to take on Model S from Tesla, the premium sedan that runs entirely on an electric motor. Auto brands have slowly moved from petrol, diesel engines to hybrids and now many of them are keen on making full EVs. Most of these models are scheduled to get launched before 2020.

Fisker Karma

Talking to a news magazine, Fisker representative said, “We have access to new technology that no one has in the automobile industry. And, it will ensure that what we do is miles apart from any other brand’s initiative.”

While the brand didn’t explicitly reveal the details, inside sources claim that they are working on a powerful battery that should allow the car to go up to 400 miles on a single charge. They are not only extremely powerful but are extremely lightweight allowing the car to experience the best acceleration capability. Model S from Tesla can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds which is extremely fast in its own respect.

Going past this record is not an easy task for Fisker electric car but it might! The brand also added that they are focusing a lot on the external appearance of the car to make it look extremely stylish and on par with the likes of Aston Martin DB9. Aston Martin is a brand known for its association with the bond films and style is their forte. If Fisker could beat them in looks and Tesla in terms of mileage, they could be the next big brand to watch out for.

Fisker Back in 2017 With Electric Car

The first EV will be priced close to 100,000 British pounds while the company is also working on building a cheaper, electric car that could be priced at 30,000 GBP. Once they successfully launch their models, Fisker has planned to sell their battery technology to other manufacturers which will favour the entire automobile industry to create cars with great mile range.

Fisker Nanotech is their new research and development division that focuses on creating the most powerful batteries. The team’s success can be confirmed when the first electric car rolls out of the manufacturer and delivers an amazing mile range to the buyers.

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