Five Things Every Car Lover Should Know About the Spanking New Volvo S90

Volvo is all set to take over the battle of the luxury cars to its arch rivals like BMW-5 series, Mercedes E-class, and the yet-to-come Jaguar XF, with its dashing new S90, that is prepped for a 2017 release.

The S90 is the second car from the Swedish carmaker since it was acquired by the Chinese automaker, Geely with the XC90 SUV being the first car to be launched by the automaker.

Volvo S90

The S90 was unveiled at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show, with the interior of the car currently displayed at Volvo’s Excellence Concept at the Volvo Shanghai outpost to honor the actual release of the automobile. The sculpture graphically illustrates the possible variations within the clunker’s interior design.

The S90 comes with some really fascinating features and is bound to become one of the spellbinding India-bound luxury limousines.

  1. The New Crown Jewel at Volvo

Succeeding the slow-selling and the aging S80, which till date was the biggest sedan from Volvo, the S90 is bigger, wider and longer than its predecessor. It is much more luxuriously assembled than the other models. It is equipped with a mobile working station which has a foldable work table, a big multimedia screen for video conferencing or to check e-mails, entertainment mode to watch TV and movies, a lounge-like function with a refrigerator for beverages, a heated foot support, and reclining seats.

  1. It is Long….Like Really Long

The new whopping S90 is longer than the S80 and its other rivals like the BMW 5-series, Mercedes E-class, and the Audi A6. The S90 is almost 18 feet long and 6.5 feet wide. However, it comes only second when compared to the upcoming Jaguar XF, which is even bigger at a massive 5,067 mm.

  1. Unsurprisingly Spacious

The S90 can seat 5 passengers. The large dimensions of S90 give the automobile extensive interior space. Additionally, it has focused more on the rear seat space by forgoing the front passenger seat, which provides unrestricted front visibility. Thus, the owners of the car who are chauffeur-driven will really appreciate the liberal amounts of legroom in the rear seat. The extra sense of space and light brings extremely calming effect.

  1. Luxurious Interiors

The entire interiors of the new S90 is a blend of the incredible Scandinavian materials which include blond leather, solid beeline walnut wood, and satin metal detailed with jewelry. The Design Team of Volvo Cars has installed a central control panel for functions like cup holders, which can be heated or cooled, and for massage functions, in the rear side of the car. The rear armrest is complete with crystal glasses that are hand-cut and manufactured by the famous Swedish glassmaker Orrefors, while the intense sound system from Bowers & Wilkens showcases the 20 speakers which have a power of 1,400 Watts.

S90 Volvo Interiors

  1. Powerful Diesel Engines

The car is expected to arrive with an In-line 4 cylinder, 2.0 liter, twin-turbo, 250hp ‘D4’ diesel engine which will be stationed under the hood. This should be most probably followed by an even more powerful In-line 4 cylinder, 2.0 liter, 316hp version of the engine badged as ‘D5’. The robust version will come with an all-wheel-drive.

Volvo has started to roll the ball towards booking the S90. The Swedish automaker is likely to price the S90 D4 with a T5 Momentum at $46,950 MSRP, while the more powerful D5 with T6 AWD Momentum at $52,950. Volvo aspires to offer a Rolls-Royce like feel to the S90 but at a more affordable price, extra protection, and voluminous luxury.

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