Ford Announces its Plans to Launch a Mini SUV and Electric Crossover

Before the Geneva show could kickstart, the 2016 Chicago auto show is already underway at which the head of Ford announced the company’s future plans which includes a Mini SUV and an electric crossover. The launches will take place in the next four years.

Talking in detail about the future plans and the path Ford is going to tread in the next four years which is crucial for every automaker out there, Mark LaNeve, vice president of marketing and sales confirmed the company’s plans to launch four different SUVs in the following years. An interesting aspect of the announcement is that they are not going to be revamped versions of the existing Explorer or Edge.


Instead, Ford has decided to give brand new nameplates for all four of them paving way for a completely next gen lineup. The company’s aim is to push the power of modern day SUVs which are exponentially fuel efficient when compared to those in the past. LaNeve added that the new launches will not compete with any of the existing models.

“Our aim is to not compete with the mini utility segment,” he said. The head obviously means that they wish to enter the crossover with four different offerings designed to compete and takedown the likes of Nissan’s Juke, Chevrolet’s Tax and Jeep’s Renegade. All these models enjoy an easy space in the crossover market with little competition from one another. People who love Nissan may not go for a Jeep and such brand patronage helps them sell without difficulty.

Ford aims to change it once for all by being unique and have multiple offerings in their lineup so as to grab the attention of buyers from every strata. Apart from the crossover launches, the company is also going to push electrification in all their cars. LaNeve assured that Ford is committed to making their vehicles eco-friendly and fuel efficient.

“There will electrification happening across vehicles in every segment,” he said. Even though, he didn’t clarify it to the crowd, it is obvious that they are going to be plugin hybrids of some sort along with a couple of full EVs in select models. Going fully electric is a factor most manufacturers are trying to embrace despite the high investment such new technology demands.


Once cheap electric cars from Tesla and other manufacturers roll out, the future of electric vehicles will be determined. It’s all about how buyers embrace the battery tech that will determine its future.

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