Ford F-150 Dallas Cowboy Edition Specs And Special Add-ons Detailed

Dallas Cowboy fans have a reason to rejoice as Ford has confirmed that the company is going to launch a new F-150 exclusively dedicated for those hardcore fans.

Ford F 150 Dallas Cowboys edition

The model will be very limited in numbers and is set to be sold only in Texas. After all, Dallas Cowboy fans are plenty in the region and about 400 units of the Ford F-150 will be built. If you live in the region, this could be the best time to go for this limited edition truck. The wagon sports a stylish cowboys helmet silver color variant. It includes the chrome package from the F-150 XLT.

Ford in their launch event said that the XLT variant of the F-150 is the best-selling model in Texas. The brand has decided to go for it so that they offer the best with this limited edition model. All the standard features found in the trimline will be provided along with some unique changes to the exterior. The Ford F-150 Dallas Cowboy uses cowboy center caps on its 20-inch wheels.

The special edition badge is fixed in the front doors, tailgate along with a blue white rocker plan which represents the team’s helmet. The team has definitely worked a lot because you can witness the special edition tone maintained throughout the truck including the floor mats. They are printed with the Cowboys official logo. Each car carries an autograph from Jerry Jones, President of the Dallas Cowboys club.

When you buy the special edition, they bear the 1 of 400 or the number based on the model you go for. It shows your uniqueness if you are really keen on showing it off to your peer group. The star logo of the team is printed on the cargo bed mat. The limited edition Ford F-150 Dallas Cowboy edition will be available only with select retailers and they are available as long as stocks last.

2016 Ford F 150 Dallas Cowboys

Ford is coming up with a Cowboy edition after 22 years and we assume that it will be sold out immediately, as soon as the truck is available in stores. The automaker has an exclusive partnership with the Dallas Cowboys for decades and this model commemorates their partnership in the most dedicated style. Everything right from the badging, detailing to the exterior design, finish and features are geared towards offering a great experience for fans of Ford and the Cowboys. Official pricing of the model is yet to be announced.

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