Ford Fiesta RS is Still a Possibility, May Feature Front Wheel Drive

Some have lost hope but rumor mills continue to claim that the Ford Fiesta RS is still a possibility and it will feature a front-wheel drive system.

According to inside sources, Ford is busy developing multiple cars at the same time. Among them, Fiesta Focus RS has gained plenty of traction because it is one of the very few small cars to be equipped with a powerful drivetrain. There is hardly any model available that has such enormous power packed into a small body. The compact size of the vehicle is an added plus and is said to be a hardcore version of the Fiesta Supermini.


It has also been confirmed that the car will be powered by a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine which will deliver 134 kW of power with 240Nm torque. The entire power delivered by the superfast engines will be redirected to the front wheels. The car will use a mechanical limited slip differential and should easily touch 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 6 seconds or even lesser.

The top speed of the Ford Fiesta RS is expected to be at 250 kilometers per hour which is another milestone for the manufacturers in the small car segment. It may have a bespoke suspension tune and use Revo knuckle front struts.

One of the key issues that designers face, when integrating so much speed into a small vehicle, is keeping it on the road and avoiding balancing issues. The Focus RS expects to achieve it with the help of a comprehensive aero which not only makes the vehicle look stylish, but also helps spread the air at top speed for good road grip.

Ford is yet to officially talk about the upcoming launch as they have plenty of other things to look into at the same time. However, people who have links inside the industry confirmed that the fastest version of the Ford Fiesta is definitely going to happen in the near future. In 2016, every automobile manufacturer will bring out their big guns so as to keep buyers interested in their brand.


The company Ford will be no different as they are in a position to convince people to go for their offerings. Besides, hybrids and plug-in vehicles, the smaller but faster car will be one of the attractive launches that we can expect next year. With multiple auto shows coming up, it won’t be long before Ford opens up on the RS.

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