Ford Focus Electric Now has Increased Range of 185km, Still Short of VW e-Golf

With newer technology coming in every time, automakers are doing their best to increase the mile range of their electric cars.

Backed by higher energy density cells, the Ford Focus electric can go up to 185 kilometers on a single charge.

Ford Focus Electric

The range is definitely one of the best in its class. As electric cars become more reliable, affordable and increases their range, buyers are interested in adopting this brand new technology. It allows them to travel longer distances, contribute to the environment and own a piece of hardware that is being touted to be the next big change in the automobile industry. Nissan, Ford and Volkswagen are some of the household names that people trust. While the new Ford Focus Electric has a much better battery cell, it’s output is still short of what the Volkswagen e-Golf offers.

Ford’s offering is strongly competed by what Volkswagen has to offer. However, the brand’s electric car is going at a steady pace. The pure electric Focus is powered by a bigger 33.5kWh lithium ion battery which is a significant bump from the previous 23 kWh battery. The car not only faces stiff competition from Volkswagen but Renault recently launched a Zeo Q90 that promises to deliver a groundbreaking 400 kilometers range on a single charge.

Tesla is the big player in the electric car market and they have been going good in it so far. All their models deliver the best range even though they easily fall in the most expensive category. The cheaper Model 3 is yet to find its way to the mainstream market and it might be sometime before they launch it. All other auto manufacturers are vying to occupy that space before their version gets launched.

Ford Focus Electric speed of 185km

In terms of performance, the Ford Focus Electric is exactly the same as the team hasn’t modified the engine. It is still powered by the 107kW electric motor and has a decent top speed of 135 kilometer per hour. The model is available only in the United States and it is yet to find its way to other regions in the world. There are many countries where people look forward to embrace the electric technology but it might take years before the idea becomes mainstream.

With the year coming to an end, we expect more electric car updates as soon as 2017 begins during the Consumer Electronics Show and the auto expos scheduled in the first quarter.

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