Ford Focus Hatchback Test Car Spotted, Leaked Pictures Reveal Design Aspects

Ford Focus Hatchback test car was spotted in wintery conditions and it is surprising for spy pictures to get leaked so early.

The company has picked 2018 to be their launch year but has started testing the model in different climatic conditions already.


Fiesta is a popular model from Ford but the Focus series is currently limited in numbers and didn’t witness multiple launches. It is suggested that the company is facing a shortcoming because competitors are getting ahead with their launches and offering buyers a wide range of choices to pick from. It is about to change in the next two years if we are to go by the models that are being tested now.

In the spy images, the body of the car featuring bigger arches and bulked up body is confirmed. Even though, the brand will most probably replace this with an entirely new body when the concept version is built, it may not have any drastic changes. After all, they do have to deliver on the same powertrain and design. It confirmed the rumor that Ford is going for a bigger and spacious model for their future launches.

While the exterior body has been beefed up, the wheelbase remains close to the outgoing model. The minimal change allows the Focus hatchback to compete against Volkswagen Golf and Astra in terms of legroom. Based on the leaked images, it is also evident that the designers have went for a bigger boot. It makes it easier to store plenty of luggage despite the car hailing from the hatchback category.

The new Ford Focus hatchback is to be powered by the EcoBoost petrol engines. While a part of the world is buys adopting electric motors and hybrids, petrol engines are definitely popular because of falling gasoline prices. It is easier than ever to enjoy long travels and daily commuting especially if you are going to buy a fuel efficient hatchback model.

Ford Focus Hatchback

The company recently signed up for an EcoBlue brand name which is probably a technology they are planning to use for diesel engines. The Focus will be available in petrol and diesel engine variants. The revised version of the model recently launched in UK has been witnessing amazing sales giving Ford the much needed boost.

When the concept models are ready for production, the brand will launch them officially at one of the upcoming auto expos. Stay tuned to witness the launches as and when it happens.

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