Ford Focus RS 2016 Out in Germany Already, U.S. Launch Next

The first Focus RS 2016 model from Ford was revealed during the Geneva Motor Show last year. After a long wait, the first car is finally out on the streets in Germany and the manufacturer has confirmed that they will be launching it in the U.S. dealerships next.

The car is designed and built in their Saarlouis plant in Germany. It is expected to make its way to other regions, including the United States, this spring season. The popular model is powered by a 2.3-liter turbo four engine. It renders an amazing 350 horsepower on road making the car excessively fast, especially considering its compact size.

2016 Ford Focus RS

It uses an all-wheel drive system which is integrated with a brake based torque vectoring. While it might sound like technical stuff that is too hard to understand, Ford wants you to know that the highest level of torque is being shared with the rear axle which enables the vehicle to be swift at all times. The Focus RS can easily touch 0 to 62 miles per hour in 4.7 seconds.

With the new Focus RS, Ford’s own performance lineup is growing at a rapid pace. The brand has a couple of cars and this will be a prestigious addition to the lot. They have already announced the F 150 Raptor with nearly a dozen others heading to the buyers in the near future.

Most manufacturers are aiming to come up with models that feature the same lineup with boosted engines that offered increased horsepower and torque. The Ford Focus RS 2016 edition is a great example of the same. It has been available to people in other regions for nearly two years now, but those in the U.S. will be experiencing it this year, when it finally launches after a tedious wait.

A full review of the performance of the RS variant will be out once it comes to other regions. The pricing will also play a crucial factor in convincing people to go for it. If it is priced at the right point, including the destination charges and any additional package, the Ford Focus RS 2016 model could very well be the hottest selling car in the next few months.


According to the official statement by Ford, the company aims to bring at least 20 different performance cars in different price brackets to the mainstream market. It is a long way to go, but they seem to be on the right path already.

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