Ford Focus RS is Going to Get Faster Than It Already Is with Limited Edition Variant

Ford Focus RS could become fast and furious with a new iteration, confirms industry sources. The automobile manufacturer is planning to launch a limited edition variant of the RS which features additional tweaks to make the car faster than its existing model.

The car which is now available in the market is powered by a 2.3-liter turbocharged four -cylinder engine. It is definitely a reliable performer designed to deliver 257Kw of power in association with 440Nm of torque. An all-wheel drive system is an added advantage the new vehicle enjoys making it a favorite among buyers around the globe. In order to capture the untapped markets in the world, Ford has promoted the car throughout different regions without limiting it to specific countries.

2016 Ford Focus RS

A six speed manual transmission system is used in the car. It can zoom from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.7 seconds, a definitive performance that could easily satisfy the daily commuter and sports car lovers. The car uses 19-inch alloy wheels and features one of the most stylish dashboards in recent history. While it may not compete with cars from Lamborghini or Porsche, the price point affordable for most buyers puts it in a sweet spot like never before.

It is sporty by all means but Ford is not happy with it which is why they are planning to push it even further by launching a better model. However, it is not going to be focused at the mainstream audience and will be a limited edition launch. The size of the car already holds a decent engine and there is hardly any space to cram up a much bigger engine into it. Based on this basic element, we could assume that the new faster Ford Focus RS may not be significantly different from the existing model but may receive a bit of extra power made possible by some minute tweaks.


The upcoming RS will be built on a much lighter platform enabling the car to move at a faster speed and be more fuel efficient. Carbon fiber materials will be used in the chassis while the windows will be built using polycarabonate lightweight materials. Even the brakes will be built using carbon fiber components. It obviously leads to more investment thus boosting the overall price of the car. Ford wants it to be limited edition as it may sound expensive to common buyers. It may be a short wait to confirm if the idea kicks off as planned.

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