Ford Focus Set to Increase Electric Range By 100 Miles

Ford has confirmed that they are not going to launch an electric car with 200 miles range at least in the next two years. However, they have confirmed that they have plans to increase the range of the Ford Focus by a considerable margin.

The 2017 Focus Electric is going to receive this anticipated upgrade after which the car will manage 100 miles on a single charge. When compared to the existing 76 miles, it is an impressive feat and by taking one step at a time, the company may also be able to keep costs low allowing buyers to go for electric cars without budget issues. Tesla on the other hand has confirmed that their Model 3 with 200-mile range will be sold for $35,000 but it is not going to get launched immediately giving enough time for other brands to cope up.

Ford Focus Electric Range

Talking about the upcoming change, Kevin Layden, the company’s electrification head said that they are able to keep the overall price of the model affordable and it also made it easier for them to keep its weight low. The battery pack used in the 2017 version of the Focus Electric is much lighter, smaller and doesn’t add any unwanted weight to the car.

“A Focus Electric with 100 miles range can easily satisfy the expectation of a large group of audience. It is what we want to achieve with the model rather than trying to push the boundaries to newer extent. When we are able to convince majority of buyers to go for it, the electric cars become mainstream and solves the purpose,” said Layden.

With really affordable cars and widespread adoption, it is easier to move a step ahead and pave way for innovation, he added during the interview. Recently, a huge panel with all the top brand’s executives was held in which most agreed that for a fully electric model to succeed, it should offer at least 200 miles without compromise.

Ford Focus 2017

The upcoming Chevrolet Bolt does it and Nissan is planning to expand it with their Leaf electric car. Tesla’s Model 3 has already grabbed the attention of many and over 300,000 people have already pre-ordered the model. It is yet to go into production but the brand has won the trust of many with its innovation and design elements. Ford Focus Electric may have to adopt quick in order to cope up with competition.

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