Ford GT Deliveries Commenced by Performance Division to Mark Holiday Season

The hypercar from the performance division, the Ford GT has officially commenced deliveries right before the holiday season.

The brand’s top executives made a couple of promises this year and they have ensured that the production versions are ready without delay.

2017 Ford GT

The 2017 Ford GT created huge hype when it was originally unveiled and after much speculation, the halo car has finally found its way to its respective buyers. The event was kickstarted by the company’s executive vice president Raj Nair along with other top executives of the Ford brand. It was signed off from the assembly line and the team was delighted that they managed to accomplish their 2016 goals with aplomb.

Speaking during the delivery event, Nair said, “The year 2016 was a challenging time for us as we started off with some of the biggest goals. As a brand, we have to deliver and the main objective was to make the next generation Ford GT turn heads at the Le Mans race. It did and the next big thing was to deliver the car before the end of the year. We have accomplished it! The hypercar is out just in time for the holiday seasons and we hope it will make our buyers extremely happy.

Continuing his statement, Nair proudly claimed that the entire team including their engineers, designers and delivery specialists are mighty elated because one of their fastest and most promising vehicles is now out. The 2017 Ford GT marks the craftmanship of their team, the strength and a range of technologies incorporated in it that stands proof to what Ford could do.

“Innovation has always been our core strength and the new GT showcases that we are still the best at what we do. It’s setting a new benchmark for all the products created by the team so far with new EcoBoost engine technology, lightweight yet sturdy materials and aerodynamics that add up to the overall driving experience.

Ford GT

When the first model of the 2017 Ford GT was launched during the 2015 International Auto Show, it was a pleasant surprise and delivering on their promise was no easy task back then. Besides, the next generation model is supposed to be a hypercar worthy to match their competitor models launching in the same year. In terms of delivery, the GT is out in time. Performance results will be out only when we get the chance to compare it with equally powerful models from other auto brands.

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