Ford GT Supercar’s Configurator Website is Now Live

The next gen Ford GT Supercar is available for purchase and the company has made the official configurator website live.

It will allow potential buyers to customize the vehicle with components and features they like before placing an order.

2017 Ford GT

The time when a buyer has to go for color choices and components offered by the seller is long gone. Tesla launched their Model 3 recently priced at $35,000. However, the average price of the car sold is pegged at $42,000 because majority of buyers decided to make use of the configurator option provided by the seller. They were simply not satisfied with the basic stuff which led to better sales as well as satisfied customers. A similar approach is now being implemented for Ford GT.

It is extremely limited in numbers and obviously there won’t be millions of customers looking forward to buy this expensive blue oval model. There will be only 500 of these cars built and rolled out to people. Out of the 500, only 250 will be delivered this year and the rest in 2017. While Ford is yet to officially announce the pricing of the model, it is estimated to be somewhere around $400,000 including taxes. Delivery charges may vary based on the destination which may increase the total cost.

Buying the super car is not a simple task because a buyer has to go through some steps to confirm their purchase. The official website FordGT is where the orders can be placed after which one has to select a dealership store close to their region. Those living in semi-urban and rural regions may have to pick a dealer in the nearest city. The next step is to go through Ford GT Concierge service which allows the customer to have complete control over the car of their choice. They can customize it in many ways possible before finalizing the purchase.

The brand now offers right different color variants to choose from for the Ford GT supercar. While blue is the official color, those who like to stand apart from the crowd can choose to pick from yellow, white, red among other choices. The GT is not so new because there were multiple versions of the car showcased at popular auto expos held throughout the year. Apart from the color choice, there is an option to change the stripe color to make it look as sporty as one wants it to be.

Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang

The all-powerful GT is powered by a 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine capable of delivering 600 horsepower and uses a seven speed dual clutch automatic transmission.

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