Ford Mustang GT Receives Power Packs From Performance Division

The Ford Mustang GT is an amazing car which balances the best of performance, efficiency and pricing.

Ford Mustang GT

While it is already at its best, Ford Performance division has decided to push it even further with a dedicated power pack.

The brand new power packs are rolled out for models released in between the years 2015 and 2017. When you choose to go for the power pack, it will have significant boost in perform including a bumped up 37 horsepower increase and some emission changes.Every Power Pack owner will receive calibrations which comply by the state rules.

The calibration will increase throttle response done using the ProCal tool. It ensures that the car works without going against the regulations set by the board. The particular power pack can only be installed in cars which have 91 octane fuel or much higher than that. Such models are available primarily with the Ford Mustang GT editions launched in North America.

Ford Performance confirmed that the power pack specifically designed for the Mustang GT editions will be available for purchase from August 1st onwards. The pack is priced at $539 which is a reasonable price tag considering the number of components included in it. It includes a high flow air filter provided by K&N allowing the car to gain a total increase of 13 horsepower and 16 lb feet of torque more than the base model.

By default, the GT provides 435 horsepower coupled with 400 lb feet of torque. While the boost might sound minimal on paper, it will have a significant change in real world performance, according to Ford. The Power Pack 2 is higher than the first edition and is priced at $949. It leads to an increase of 21 horsepower combined with 24 lb feet of torque.

Ford Mustang GT rear

Buyers have the option to purchase the GT350 hardware and the bundled adapter if they are ready to shell out $539. While the first pack will get launched by the first week of August, you may have to wait until September which is when Power Pack 2 will arrive at dealership stores.

The last but the most powerful in the lot, the power pack 3 designed for the Ford Mustang GT350 includes a bigger throttle body, intake manifold and cold air intake. It offers the best in class boost with up to 37 horsepower increase coupled with up to 51 lb feet of torque to the particular variant. However, it’s kind of expensive at $2,395.

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