Ford Pays $200K to Acquire Tesla Model X P90D as Quickly as Possible

Ford, a known competitor of the electric car maker Tesla wanted to get their hands on the Model X P90D SUV as soon as possible.

They had to pay a much higher price tag, $199,950 to be accurate in order to get their hands on a second hand version of the car.

Tesla Model

As soon as a competitor launches a production version of any model, especially groundbreaking ones like what Tesla does, they will be acquired by one company or the other so that they could study it. Ford is keen on making their own version of the electric car and has been investing a lot in the sector lately. However, that didn’t stop them from being curious of what the successful auto manufacturer has to offer.

The official pricing of the Tesla Model X P90D is at least, $55,000 lower but it is already sold out and Ford had to buy it from a coin dealer in the California region. The car was now spotted in a Detroit area with Michigan plates and it confirmed that the company has officially acquired it. They managed to complete the purchase on March 1st and it is most probably the 64th edition produced by Tesla.

In their statement, Ford said, “It is a widely accepted practice and companies always buy production vehicles once they get released. Grabbing them as soon as they hit the streets is not easy at times which is when it becomes mandatory to buy it for a bigger sum than the original price tag. It gives us the edge in competition and to get to know the vehicle without further delay.”

The actual price of the Tesla Model X P90D for which Ford acquired it has been pegged at $212,000. The first 100 models of the SUV are special edition variants which are easy to find and is part of the Founder limited edition series from the auto maker. There’s the Signature series next. The official pricing of the model is $144,950. Buyers can choose to upgrade them with the ludicrous upgrade for $10,000. However, Ford has to pay extra to the buyer and then the taxes before getting it into the state of Michigan.

Tesla Model X P90D

Based on recent statistics, it is evident that fuel economy is on the rise with great mileage being offered on almost all vehicles and electric cars are becoming mainstream. Ford is looking to bring in at least 13 electric vehicles and hybrid models before 2020.

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