Ford Ranger Raptor is in the Cards to Expand Performance Lineup

Ford is planning to expand its performance lineup which may soon have the F-150 along with a muscled up variant of the Ranger Raptor.

The F-150 Raptor is considered to be an excessively powered vehicle on road and it was built by a team that is known for producing high performance cars all the time. They earlier designed the Focus ST, Focus RT, the Fiesta ST and the Mustang GT350. Ford has made a performance wing of its own which will focus on making high performance models of existing cars and they have promised to deliver at least 20 different options before 2020.

Ford Ranger Raptor

It looks like the company is on its track and the newest rumor is that a Ford Ranger Raptor is also being considered. Commenting on the possibility of such a car, global communications manager Paul Seredynski said that the idea is indeed fascinating and they will probably consider it if it becomes viable. While they are focused on making performance oriented cars, they also have to be global launches in order to reach the majority of the audience.

Chief engineer at Ford commented that they cannot confirm on future products unless it is officially confirmed and approved by the company. Industry watchers confirmed that Ford may have to take in a lot of factors into consideration before making a Ranger Raptor official.

The brand will check the market to ensure there is a requirement for a performance variant of the Ranger, find an ideal price point and will also confirm whether it has a global appeal. The idea behind the performance lineup is to appeal to majority of buyers globally so that they can break even or make a profit from the investment made.

Ford Ranger Raptor 1

If confirmed, the Ford Ranger Raptor is expected to be powered by a V6 turbo charged petrol engine. A diesel engine variant of the car may probably not make it to the final cut because the pricing of the performance variants is not for those who want a cost efficient vehicle to own. They can always go with the conventional, basic models which consume less power and in turn offer better fuel efficiency and longevity.

Besides, Ford should also build a powertrain and additional components in order to justify the price tag. Adding a new tag to the existing model with minor changes will do no good for the buyer. Would you be interested in going for it if Ford makes it official? Let us know.

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