Ford Signs Up Spotify to Provide New Entertainment Options

Ford has managed to sign a deal with world’s most popular music streaming service, Spotify and all subscribers who have subscribed for the FordPass app will have access to the content they have to offer. The automobile manufacturer has already signed up with McDonald, BP and 7-Eleven.

While other brands are not entertainment friendly, Spotify is definitely a huge accomplishment by Ford. The company won’t stop here because they have an extensive plan as a part of which providers of news, food, children’s programs and audio books will soon be introduced. According to the company’s statistical data, over 900 hours are spent on the road which gives people enough time to learn and be entertained. By partnering with these companies, Ford aims to keep them occupied and deliver exclusive content building a new platform for content creators.

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“We want to deliver the best of content for Ford Pass app subscribers and there is no better way to deliver music than Spotify. It allows our fans to listen to music wherever they are and make their travel time interesting than it has been,” said a Ford representative.

The Spotify app integrated into the car’s eco-system is capable of communicating with the Sync AppLink system. It allows the content of all compatible apps to be displayed on the touchscreen interface and allow passengers to navigate through it. They can even use voice commands to change songs, choosing playlists besides listening to their favorite audio books.

A surprising aspect of the Ford Pass membership is that it is completely free to use for all Ford owners. Even non-owners can make use of the app and its functionality which makes it easy to bring new customers into their eco-system. A marketplace is under construction which allows newer apps to be launched besides share vehicles and pay for parking lots by making use of the Ford pay, a virtual wallet system.

The partnership race has heated up as Volvo has already partnered with Spotify to deliver their services. Volvo’s V90, S90 and XC90 will have access to Spotify services. It will be delivered through their exclusive Sensus infotainment system.

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Ford is also working on autonomous technology and wireless electric charging system. They plan to create cars which are capable of charging on the go besides being able to park themselves. The idea is to make life easier for the average commute who spends a large share of their day driving and parking vehicles.

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