Ford’s Self-Driving Cars and Traffic Jam Assist is Coming in 2020

Ford is working hard to make the world a safer and convenient place for people to live in. By increasing their investment in the autonomous technology, the brand has promised to deliver self-driving cars within the next four years, probably in 2020.

Ford Autonomous Cars

They are aware of the fact that cars can’t drive on their own, unless real life issues are sorted out through the right means. Traffic jam assist is a new feature the research and development team at Ford is working on. With the help of this technology, future cars from the company equipped with the necessary component will be able to automatically park in the lot, brake or shift gears as required.

The traffic jam assist is a unique technology using which the car can steer to a specific spot in order to keep moving in traffic, something most other automobile manufacturers are ignoring at the moment. It works in unison with the adaptive cruise control system and the lane keeping assist to achieve a no-hands driving model. There is no word on an actual date as to when people will be able to witness these features on Ford cars, but the company’s top authorities confirmed they are aiming to fully develop the technology in another four years.

Ford’s representative added that the company has its own lineup of 30 fusion hybrid cars at the moment and many of them are being tested on the roads for their autonomous capabilities for many years now. They are going to roll out the technology in countries that has optimal climatic conditions so as to allow best accuracy for the sensors mounted on the cars. It is also important that all the areas in the particular region are 3D mapped to maximum accuracy. California is the top priority not just for Ford’s self-driving cars, but Google as well as other manufacturers.

Ford Self Driving Cars

While the company wants media attention, there are no significant changes in the autonomous technology at the moment or maybe the brand didn’t reveal anything groundbreaking, even though they may have made some progress. Honda, Nissan and many other companies have their own technology in development, while Tesla has already launched assisted self-driving for their Model S cars.

Like every other improvement in technology, it may take years before the idea is perfected, but for now, everyone has started showing great interest in making their cars futuristic, which is a great start.

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