Frankfurt Auto Show 2015 – The Best and the Biggest Car Makers are Ready

The Frankfurt Auto Show 2015 which takes place between September 17th and 27th has already provoked interest among world’s top most car manufacturers.

Every company is readying their flagship cars, SUVs, coupes and what not to showcase it on the show floor. The organizers have confirmed that they have over 1,000 stalls setup and at least 40 companies are taking part in the event, with most of them being auto manufacturers. Here’s a sneak preview of the cars coming from the most popular lot.

frankfurt auto show


Audi will be a showstealer as the company has confirmed that they will come out with the Audi A4 which is going to make head turns. However, that’s not the only car that will be making its appearance. Expect the revised A8 2015 edition, A3 cabriolet among a couple of other hybrid cars and flagship sedans at the show floor.


BMW probably has the potential to rule the Frankfurt Auto Show 2015 with their 7 Series sedans and the crossover SUV X1. In their statement, the company confirmed that they are aiming to usher in some technology upgrades with the 7 series and rework on the lifecycle of new flagships, so as to bring tech updates to buyers much earlier than usual. The X1 has a chance to be the crowd stealer as compact SUVs are all the rage now.

Mercedes Benz

An auto expo as big as this one is never complete without Mercedes Benz making its appearance. The company will bring out the C-Class coupe, the S-Class convertible out this year with revamped 2015 models of their luxury vehicles. Instead of focusing on pure luxury, they are expected to have the speed oomph that sports car lovers look for. The company may also launch an E-class, but it’s not confirmed yet.


Being a customer friendly company, Volkswagen is all set to unveil some productive vehicles at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015. The Tiguan series is going to be the primary focus of this show. Even though it’s old, the revamped design combined with superior performance is expected to make Tiguan appealing to the crowd. A crossover SUV, coupe and a sedan in the series will be unveiled during the show.


Compared to other manufacturers, Porsche doesn’t have a strong line-up or new models. Instead, they are going to refresh the long running 911 cars with turbocharged engines. It may not appeal to the masses, but Porsche has never been about the crowd, but rather about the individuals who love the brand for its originality.


The MINI Clubman 2016 has all the potential features to be a show stealer. Apart from the conventional four doors, it has a back door for increased luggage space. Its highly compact, yet has the features of the wagon for a small family to ride with ease. Expect its pricing to be on the affordable side.

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Besides unveiling the 488 GTB Spider, Ferrari might be showcasing some of the new designs their engineers have come up with. They may not be actual cars, but prototypes are more than enough for the Ferrari enthusiasts to attend the show and enjoy what they have to offer.


The SUVs made by luxury car makers always have a market among the elite audience. The upcoming F-Pace SUV from Jaguar is expected to enjoy the same patronage, but the problem is that it could compete with the company’s own Land Rover series. Once we know the specifications, it’s much easier to compare them both and arrive at an amicable conclusion.

Apart from these car companies, there will be Mazda, Fiat, Bentley and Alfa Romeo among a dozen others. Stay tuned for updates from the most happening car show in Europe.

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