Full View Photos of 2016 Toyota Prius Appear Before Global Launch

It has been years and years of torture, all those spy photos, camouflaged photos during the development of the 2016 Toyota Prius, pre-production prototypes and much more.

And all those have come to an end, as we finally have a full view photo of the 2016 Toyota Prius.


The hybrid vehicle is expected to launch globally in Las Vegas on September 8. And with the global launch just a week away, full view photos were bound to leak sooner than later.

Since the Prius was released in 1997, the car has been known for its practicality, functionality and sheer efficiency. With those three attributes in mind, no other car came close to it.

The first full view pictures are courtesy of Prius Club Malaysia, published on their Facebook page. As expected, the full view pictures reveal that the fourth generation of the extremely efficient car has borrowed some styling elements from other Toyota vehicles. Mainly, the rear looks similar to Toyota Mirai.

But let’s start from the front, where the façade has a quirky and futuristic look. You can either hate it or love it, as there is no middle ground. With sharp lines on the hood, the 2016 Prius gets a dynamic and aggressive feel.

On the rear, Toyota has revised the taillights and implemented a different design to give the design of the car more fluid feel. The floating roof remains the signature element of the design. For better visibility on the back, the 2016 Prius still has the second glass panel.


Aside from design, the Japanese company has improved the efficiency of the 2016 Prius as well. According to official statements, the 2016 Toyota Prius should provide at least 10% increase in efficiency than its predecessor. The previous version offered around 50 mpg combined driving, with the new model expected to increase that mileage to at least 55mpg, if not 60mpg for combined drive. The electric range is expected to be around 30miles.

The better efficiency comes courtesy of the new engine and the new platform. The Prius will be the first car by Toyota to run on the New Generation Architecture, or TNGA as the company calls it. The goal of the new platform is to reduce costs for development and invest the money in new technology.

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