Fully-Electric 2017 BMW i8 Ready to Shock the World Alongside Other I-brand Vehicles

The 2017 BMW i8 immediately made waves when it first hit the scene, but newer editions of the highly-coveted luxury auto will most likely sport all electric propulsion systems.

Fully-Electric 2017 BMW i8

While the current i8 model is partially electric, the newer edition of the vehicle is expected to be fully electric. And that’s not the only new BMW that will most likely be all-electric.

By 2017, experts expect BMW to have an all-electric fleet of i-model vehicles and will also launch an exciting new model entitled the iNext.

Somewhere in-between the i3 and 2017 BMW i8, the iNext is expected to be very similar to Tesla brand vehicles. While Tesla has gotten praise from much of the auto-consumer market for its advanced technology and rapidly-expanding fleet of next-generation vehicles, BMW is looking to enter the fray with similar stocked vehicles.

The iNext, like its Tesla-brand competitors, will be expected to come fully-equipped with an autopilot feature. Other than the iNext, the i-brand fleet as a whole is rumored to carry this autopilot feature. So without question, as BMW looks to drive ahead into the next few years, all of their vehicles will have similar features despite differing price points.

One of the noticeable aspects of the new i8 and i3 models is the creative decision as far as what materials the cars will be made out of. While the current i8 and i3 are presently constructed with carbon-alloy, the later models, particular the i3 may not feature such construction. Experts cite the expensive cost of using this material as the primary reason why BMW may opt to use a cheaper, less sporty frame to build the carts out of.

2017 BMW i8

While the i3 will most likely be the first car to lose its carbon-fiber frame, expect the i8 to hang on to its beautiful carbon-fiber exoskeleton for a long time to come. Also expect the new 2017 BMW i8 to feature horsepower exceeding 500, and without question, trust that it will be leading the charge for future all-electric supercars.

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