Future Mercedes Cars to Get Digital Light Headlight Technology

After focusing on comfort and performance all these years, Mercedes is now interested in boosting car technology to the last detail. The latest in the loop is the digital light headlight technology.

Mercedes Digital Light Technology

As part of the initiative to bring in electric motors and autonomous driving, car companies are also focusing on ways to improve the driving experience. While Volvo is focusing on creating a lounge like interior where passengers could relax or work in a self-driving car, Mercedes has got into something auto brands would hardly take note of. The new digital light is fully automatic and is capable of adjusting its brightness level, focus area among other aspects according to the situation. The concept is similar to the one showcased on the F015 model.

Mercedes explained how the Digital Light works and the technology they have incorporated into it. These powerful lights are equipped with more than one million micromirrors per light. It allows them to produce the brightest possible output with great coverage area and minor adjustments on the go. The setup also houses radar sensors and cameras to detect the environment before altering the light capacity. An ideal practical application is whenever the car detects pedestrians on the road or another vehicle, it automatically changes it brightness level, high or mid based on the situation.

“Going after beam records is not something we are looking for. Instead, the Digital Light headlight technology was developed to offer optimum vision combined with maximum brightness. The biggest challenge in here is to keep the glare level at zero. It allows the driver and people on the road at night to avoid accidents. The best level of safety can be provided at night made possible by our innovation,” said Gunter Fischer, head of exterior body development and vehicle OS.

Everything that is revealed by Mercedes so far is innovative yet conventional as it aims to make driving easy. But, there is something about this concept that is surprisingly new. The digital light can actually be used as high definition projectors. They are capable of using sharp images on the surface of the road and with satellite navigation, the projector displays warnings and road signs on the surface to alert the driver.

Future Mercedes Cars

When you drive to close to a car, it will automatically project a warning sign on the road. If you are driving through a narrow road, the lights can project two horizontal lines to indicate the size of the car and avoid bumping onto the sidewalk. And, pedestrian crossings are notified with projected zebra stripes. The possibilities are many.

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