Genesis New York Concept Launched in Auto Show

Hyundai has officially launched the Genesis New York concept at the expo held in the city and the premium brand is expected to bring a fresh makeover to the automobile manufacturer. They proudly refer to it as athletic elegance.

The design factors are inspired by the Vision G concept which will soon be adopted by the Genesis G90 sedan. It’s totally a conceptual idea at the moment and yet to reach its final production stage. The car is powered by a 2.0-liter GDI engine. It uses an eight speed automatic transmission system by default and it is known that there is an electric motor mated with it. The company however refrained from announcing the details of the battery pack used in it. When combined together, the car is capable of delivering 242 horsepower coupled with 260 lb feet of torque. It’s quite similar to the power produced by Hyundai’s Sonata.


According to Hyundai, the Genesis brings the best of modern art and technology together so as to offer buyers a car which could stand tall for years to come. The design is heavily inspired by the products and modern luxury gadgets which are taking the consumer market by storm. The idea is to make it stylish yet convenient to use.

By creating a new elite brand named Genesis, Hyundai is able to incorporate all-wheel drive system on all their models. The premium brand will be available as sedan, coupe and other variants so as to appeal to buyers from all strata of life. Unique features found in the particular model include chiseled headlights, upright front grille and horizontal body lines.

The Genesis New York concept car showcased at the 2016 New York auto show features prominent rear haunches, tapered cabin while the rear overhang is relatively large when compared to the front overhang. The vents are conveniently placed at different points including the hood and the fenders. Designers added that it allows them to provide the best aerodynamics for the car leading to better fuel efficiency, speed and performance.

The luxury quotient is continued in the interiors with a huge 21-inch curved display. It supports touch controls and can also be navigated using voice commands. The steering wheel sports an open design allowing better visibility of the dashboard and other information displayed behind it. Center console and the center control panel are some of the highlights found in the concept vehicle.


LG has supplied the display and it won’t be long before tech companies take part in producing futuristic cars in association with automobile manufacturers.

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