Geneva Show May Host the Official Reveal of Porsche 911R

The Porsche 911R was first confirmed last year but the company has gone silent ever since then.

However, the silence didn’t last long as new rumor suggests that they are getting ready to showcase it at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Porsche 911 R

The event is not far away, with just a month to go. It will take place in March this year where not just Porsche, but everyone else will be showcasing their best vehicles. While there are multiple versions of the 911 available, the R brand indicates that the car is designed for automobile purists who just wouldn’t settle for anything less.

And, when the news comes from the Porsche boss, who spoke to an automobile magazine during a recent interview, we can’t refute it at any cost. After all, when they speak about something, the boss sure should know something, right?

It is probably one of the most powerful version of the 911 around. According to the updates we have received, the Porsche 911R will be powered by a 3.8-liter flat six-engine, which is capable of producing a massive 475 horsepower. The car will utilize a conventional manual gearbox system. While most companies are going with automatic transmission for almost all their models, Porsche continues to cater to those nostalgic buyers who just can’t switch to automatic yet. Besides, it continues to be a proprietary symbol for the manufacturers.

The 911R is powered by a rear wheel driving system and the power-weight ratio of the car has been balanced in such a way that it is on par with the GT3 RS. The manufacturers have also upgraded the components they use to build the car. Majority of the parts used to make the powerful version of the car uses carbon fiber and aluminum. It helps keep the weight of the car at the lowest possible levels leading to better aerodynamics and cargo space.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

A prototype of the car was spotted being tested on roads. While it is definitely not the final version of the Porsche 911R, it gave us enough to know how the power packed sedan will look like. The car is not designed to replace the GTS but to standalone as a model of its own.

Every car enthusiast is excited about the Geneva Motor Show, without a doubt, and so are we. We will make sure to bring you the most interesting updates from the show floor when it kicks off.

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