Get a Look at the Official Pictures of 2016 Mercedes E-Class

The news comes as a surprise, but it is a sweet surprise for those who were so eager to witness the Mercedes E-Class 2016 edition in all its glory.

The first set of official pictures got leaked online much to the delight of the car lovers. It is one of the oldest models that is available, which is getting refreshed this year. The car is loved by one and all, but it faces really stiff competition in a time where everyone is launching their own version of the luxury sedan.


An unidentified German magazine is said to be the one behind these leaks. They have launched a couple of pictures and all of them are officially shot. These are not spy shots, which makes it so much better. We could finally get a glimpse into the car and see how good it actually is. According to statistics from the company, they have already sold 13 million E-Class cars in the past.

If the new generation of the executive saloon becomes a favorite among buyers, they will push the record even further with millions expected to be sold in the next year or so. In terms of design, the LED head lights with multi-beam support is a prominent is a striking aspect. Equally good is the overall smooth and sleek finish with a subtle rear that adds up to the luxury quotient of the vehicle.

Mercedes has confirmed that they will be showing the 2016 E-Class edition at the upcoming Detroit Motor Show. It will be a strong rival for the BMW 5 Series. The saloon will be followed by an estate and a convertible coupe. All these cars are expected to be out before the end of the year.

Boxy design has been a persistent problem for the E-Class which has finally seen its demise in the 2016 models. Mercedes Benz has made the car look fluid and seamless in the exterior as well as the interior. In terms of changes, the interiors of the E-Class had received the most modification. It is built on the MRA architecture and will weigh at least 100 kilograms lesser in weight when compared to its predecessor model.


They have released a brand new teaser video to showcase the highlights of the upcoming model. However, as we have the official pictures take a look at them and enjoy it while the company gets ready to show the actual car at the Detroit show.

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